The audiovisual improvisation-and response element of the participating artists and the interaction with the audience are the key elements in the concept of CELL.


The participants connect their set-ups, after which a live audiovisual landscape is created during the event that grows and seeks for contact. 


A central part of the CELL concept is the installation "SAR inferogram", which was developed in  collaboration with X TU Delft. 

(moving) Images projected on this multi-material installation are not only shown onto the object, but also on the walls and ceiling, creating a holographic experience.

While the video, in mostly serene and chromatic colours, shows images of nature in all its beauty, the projection-surface is designed from an etching of a SAR interferogram of the Gorkha earthquake from 2015; nature in its cruelest form.

The audio score consists of warm melodic soundscapes in addition to the processed sounds of the earthquake, recorded by seismological recording equipment.


Students from the Willem de Kooning Academy participate with audiovisual contributions to the performance or with stand-alone installations.


Every CELL event the team is different. The connections are different. The experience and interaction is different.