Every new edition of CELL a new team of international leading and pioneering artists and students join up. These are the artists who participated.


Barkode. [founder + resident] 

Barkode (Martin de Korte) is an audiovisual artist, filmmaker, programme-maker and producer. Barkode creates poetic, aesthetic audiovisual art, digital media and produces inter-or multidisciplinary programmes. Since 1998 Barkode developed a large number of projects like performances, films, installations, video-designs, radio plays, video artworks, sound artworks as well as manifestations, events and festivals. Barkode's work is shown internationally at festivals, in museums, galleries and clubs.


OSOSONIC [founder + resident]

As an artist I want to explore the boundaries between reality and the invisible. As a sound artist, I want to blur the boundaries between reality and the larger invisible world behind reality. Creating new worlds in which consciousness is stimulated in a playful way to look beyond its own apparent limits.

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Jessica van Deursen 

Performance artist and visual artist. My art practice is my practice in being, as well as a public diary of that live long inquiry. Performance and music, have proven to be the most suited media to do so: because like life itself, they’re both volatile as they’re able to leave behind impressions that can change us for ever; striking us at our very core.Simultaneously with how recently many global phenomena have set boundaries for our personal lives, I’ve increasingly come to make work with my performance collective Alter Moderna. Together with my sister Monique van Deursen, who’s a musician, we create atmospherical audio-visual installations to perform in, into a world which is a alter modern mixture of folklore and futurism, as possible preludes for the future. 




I have always been a big fan of the underground techno scène. It gives me a feeling that can’t be described. From illegal party’s under bridges to well known clubs in Berlin. After trying all types of creative expressions, I gave music a try myself and started dj’ing. When I found out about creating live music and saw a video about modular, I knew this was the perfect match for me. I bought a case and started the journey. I like to experiment and create an atmosphere where you can lose yourself, from ambient to dark techno. At this moment, eurorack and octatrack is the perfect combo, but who knows what the future brings. It is al about

evolving every day.



Rnul interactive is a Dutch interaction design studio based in Rotterdam. Using various sorts of innovative media Rnul creates spatial experiences for museums, exhibitions, festivals, advertisements and the public space. Through interaction we evoke, the visitors themselves become an essential part of our work. Rnul is founded by Rob Donkers and Aart Muis who both studied interaction design at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam.

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Schermafbeelding 2019-06-03 om 17.44.36.

Niet zo vierkant  [not so square]

When you combine 20+ years of dj experience, 20+ years of graphic design/animation/3d animation and a big love for everything sound and visual (30+ years), you get "Niet zo Vierkant". Besides this there have also been many hours of jamming in the studio. No productions were made, but the jamming thing kept on growing.

At one moment the modular addiction (eurocrack) came and the rest is history. #onlyjamming. Niet zo Vierkant delivers a modular jam session with a minimum on preparation to keep it fresh

and evolving.


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Round robin.png

Round Robin

Prior to dedicating my time to producing electronic music, I used to like being a dj and to spin my minimal techno and tech-house records. I took lessons at the Sounds and Audio Engineering (SAE) institute in Rotterdam and received a certificate for electronic music production. I then further developed my skills by following tutorials on Youtube.  After that, I bought a field recorder, an analog drum machine and some synthesizers.  I am an experimental electronic musician.  As I try to design  my own unique sounds and textures to create melodic ambient atmospheres, I hope to create a particular space, mood and bring memories to the listeners.


The Incredible Machine

Marcel Schouwenaar is the co-founder of design studio The Incredible Machine. At first, his studio focussed on creating concepts for the internet of things (IoT). But after encountering many moral dilemma's in his practice — the many cases where business interests conflicted with the stakes of people and society — they decided the culture in the IoT community needed to change. To this end, Marcel co-authored the IoT Design Manifesto, organises a yearly conference about IoT, ethics and design (ThingsCon), and co-founded the Just Things Foundation.



One Armed Pugilist

“Interested in music as an ethereal concept, One Armed Pugilist combats the aural void through human-machine interaction. Starting from the solitude of black nothingness, the music wanders where the mood dictates. Inspired by a host of genres, from Classical to Metal and Jazz to Minimal Techno, One Armed Pugilist is unafraid of exploring unmapped territory, but often fails to find a way back. Perfecting the art of composition by coincidence and getting mostly nowhere."

Schermafbeelding 2019-07-25 om 16.44.22.


Compatibles2 is a One Man Band (OMB). Being one of the first internet only artists, he started playing and composing "computermusic" after a course at The Institute of Sonology in Utrecht. Live performances by Compatibles2 are still very rare. Compatibles2 produces musical paintings and soundscapes, solo synthesized piano works, orchestral pieces, ambient noises, jazz, experimental sequences and symphonic stuff. Inspired by over 40 years of musical influences, from Kraftwerk to Caterina Barbieri, his often fully improvised electronic music, is a mix of styles and moods, mostly pleasant to the ear.