CELL 0.0.

Museum Kunsthal




The pilot edition CELL 0.0. took place in museum Kunsthal in Rotterdam. This edition was part of the symposium Art & Technology.


The CELL team joined up with students from the T.U. Delft and the Willem de Kooning Academy and spent three days working on an interactive installation where electronic music, audiovisual performance, video art collided with design and technology.


Old and new media formats. Bakelite records and sensor triggered contact microphones, synthesizers, modulair systems and Tibetan healing sounds singing bowls and DIY devices all plugged in.


Where the algorithms took over.


During the event the CELL team experimented and improvised, linked up and connected, to create an audiovisual landscape that grew and was prone to interact with as well the museum space as with the visiting audience.


The CELL team collaborated with a dream team of students of the T.U. Delft. The students designed a projection object to fit in the installation.


This installation made by the CELL-team and students from the ACTlab of X TU Delft represents our rapidly changing earth. The etchings on the mirrors are based on multiple satellite images known as a SAR interferogram of the 2015 Gorkha Earthquake in Nepal which hit central Nepal, killing over 9,000 people and injuring nearly 22,000 people. 
SAR interferograms represent surface deformation using the differences in the phases of waves returned to the satellite and are used for geophysical monitoring of natural hazards. At TU Delft this technology is a major area of research and innovation. 

The distorted effect of the mirrors speak to how the changes in our Earth are a reflection of our choices to care for it, and how these changes are affecting those across the globe disproportionately. As inhabitants of the Earth, we must face the new reality of climate change and reconsider our role and place within it. 



Participating artists:

Niet zo Vierkant

Round Robin

Dirty Brown

R-Nul Interactive


The Incredible Machine


Participating students:

Richard van ‘t Hof


Marlijn Helder

Bart Boogmans

Merel Cornelissen

Camilla van Wirdum

Arvid Hällje

Alfred Söder

Frida Rybo

Dolma Tsundu

Tiffany Tang

René Vollmer

Agnelo Iasanth

"Yesterday was a dream come true. It was so incredible to have our audiovisual installation exhibited in the Kunsthal Museum in Rotterdam. We created this piece in collaboration with CELL, and I am so excited for it to go on tour around the world with them". 

(Dolma Tsundu, student TU Delft)


CELL is an audiovisual performance, installation, and DIY laboratory on the border areas of experimental music, sound- and video art

and technology.


CELL is an initiative of Barkode (Martin de Korte) and Ososonic (Martin Roedolf).

op de grensgebieden van beeldende kunst, muziek, digitale media, film, web art, audiovisuele performance, design en videokunst.